澳门威尼斯人网站 challenges college-bound students in a creative 和 supportive atmosphere to become knowledgeable, 深思熟虑的, 公民的贡献.



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We, of RCHS, intend to cultivate the underst和ing 和 practices that sustain individual 自决和社区自治. 澳门威尼斯人注册采纳了以下几点 principles in order to ensure that all who pass through our halls can imagine, create, 和 治理一个更完美的世界.

That a foundation of knowledge 和 ethics must precede all intellectual inquiry;


  • 鼓励自我意识
  • 建立和维护当地社区
  • develop an awareness of our membership in ever larger communities
  • 有意识地朝着公平和反对的方向努力 压迫和不公
  • 承认和拥抱的尊严 每一个人
  • 从事普通企业
  • 促进问题的解决
  • 在生活中培养平衡
  • 对学习负责


家长和监护人,请审阅 这个文档 for our procedures 和 expectations regarding absences this year.



澳门威尼斯人注册的返校之夜已经虚拟了! Teachers 和 staff have created 95 different videos to help you learn about your student's classes 和 ways to engage with our school. 父母, check your email for a link to Google Drive where you can find the videos. 从欢迎视频开始. 哈迪, 了解凤凰父母, 和 check out the 凤凰基金 video to discover how you can support RCHS. Follow your student's schedule to watch videos made by their teachers 和 learn about their classes. The videos will be available for a few weeks so you have plenty of time to learn about our teachers 和 our classes!

澳门威尼斯人注册的2021年凤凰基金: 每个家庭,每年

The 凤凰基金 is our annual appeal for operational support. 它为今天付出代价.


  • 保持类小
  • 吸引和留住优秀的教师和员工
  • provide our students 和 classrooms with essential resources such as Chromebooks 和 textbooks 和 basic 供应 like dry erase markers 和 paper
  • 支付澳门威尼斯人注册的抵押贷款和房屋维修费用
澳门威尼斯人注册2021-22年的目标是筹集32.5万美元. As a line item in our annual budget, the 凤凰基金 is critical to our day-to-day operations. At RCHS, we have always relied on caring 和 steadfast support from our community. 去年, 尽管面临大流行病的挑战, our 家庭 和 friends helped us to not only meet but exceed this goal earlier than ever before. Please join in this tradition of giving by donating to the 凤凰基金 today. 各种各样的礼物都能帮助澳门威尼斯人注册实现目标.

To learn more about how you can support RCHS through the 凤凰基金, please visit our 给页面.


微笑! 电影日将于9月28日、29日和30日举行. 学生 will have their yearbook portraits taken outdoors during their 英语 classes on one of the days. 英语 classes will be photographed according to this schedule:

  • 周二,9月. 施密茨28日: & Chalifoux
  • 星期三,9月. 29:培养 & 里奥斯
  • 星期四,9月. 30: Gianini & Arcaro
没有登记或费用的照片. Families will have the option to purchase photos after picture day. More information about how to order photos will be sent out soon.

澳门威尼斯人网站 is currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year for the following positions:

        • 健康生活教师(全职)
        • 越野教练(兼职)
        • 女子足球教练(兼职)

有关信息,请访问澳门威尼斯人注册的 职位空缺 页面.


所有 9至12年级的学生将被要求携带 宏碁旋转311 到2021-2022年上学. Returning students will continue to use the Chromebooks they already have; there is no need for returning students to purchase this 新er model.

Families may choose to purchase either a 新 or refurbished device. 学生 他们的Chromebook需要一个触控笔. This Chromebook is available online at a variety of retailers including including 宏碁, Amazon微笑, 沃尔玛, 目标 新蛋. 财政援助. 请联系 丽莎。哈迪 金融援助.


澳门威尼斯人网站 feels strongly that our school must take a clear st和 in support of antiracism 和 equity. 澳门威尼斯人注册加入全国抗议,呼应“黑人的命也是命”. 澳门威尼斯人注册重申致力于消除系统性的种族主义. We st和 with our Black, Latin X, 和印第安学生, 家庭, 教职员工.

We invite all members of our school community to join us in these ongoing efforts. Working with the RCHS Board 和 教师 多样性 和 Inclusion Committees, the 澳门威尼斯人网站 政府 和 董事会 shares the following:


In this moment of reckoning, our nation's history of systemic racism has come into the spotlight. We recognize that historically, schools have engaged in 和 reinforced inequitable practices. Our school is committed to evaluating our current practices 和 bringing them into alignment with antiracist work. We view this antiracist work as fundamental to our mission of educating knowledgeable, 深思熟虑的, 公民的贡献.

The purpose of this statement is to lay out our commitments to continuing 和 加强 澳门威尼斯人注册致力于公平、包容和反种族主义.

  1. We will work towards antiracist teaching in terms of both our pedagogy 和 our course content. We will engage in ongoing analysis of content within departments, with special attention to the inclusion of voices that have been systematically silenced.
  2. We will provide diversity 和 sensitivity training as a fundamental part of professional development for all faculty 和 staff.
  3. 澳门威尼斯人注册将继续为澳门威尼斯人注册的黑人提供支持, LatinX, 和印第安学生, 家庭, 教职员工, 特别是, 因为他们在澳门威尼斯人注册学校社区的代表性不足. This includes sustaining 和 creating safe spaces for those students to share experiences 和 receive support. 澳门威尼斯人注册将继续建立澳门威尼斯人注册的多元化家长网络.
  4. We will work towards diversifying our community in terms of both race 和 economic status. We will use our admissions lottery to provide greater access to our school for students of low socioeconomic status, 澳门威尼斯人注册会继续联系布莱克, LatinX, 和美洲原住民家庭. We will bolster our support for our Black, LatinX, 和 Native American faculty 和 staff. We will strengthen our efforts towards diversifying our faculty.
  5. We will provide equitable access to all aspects of a Raleigh Charter education. 继续做好粮食保障工作, 供应, 测试, 和课外活动, 和 we will work towards providing even greater access to transportation.
  6. We will continue to partner with organizations that have common goals in areas of equity 和 antiracism, including community organizations 和 traditional public schools.